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Our optometrist at Diamond Valley Vision Care in Black Diamond is a family eye doctor. We love kids and pride ourselves on providing a fun, engaging visit for your child. A bad experience at the doctor can create a fear that could last for many years to come. Our goal is to prevent that from happening so your little one is excited to come back. Our pediatric eye doctor, Dr. Charles Boulet, will walk your child through every procedure and test so there are no surprises. This provides a safe, calm environment that will put everyone's mind at ease. Coupled with our state of the art equipment and the use of the latest technology, Diamond Valley Vision Care is a top quality pediatric eye doctor.

Pediatric Eye Exam

Services We Offer

  • Routine eye exams - Just like an adult, every child should have yearly eye exams. Annual exams supply useful information and will give our family eye doctor the opportunity to catch any problems or concerns early on. It is a proven fact that eye issues addressed sooner rather than later are easier and more likely to be treatable.
  • Vision Therapy - Some vision problems can be non-surgically treated. Neurological disorders may cause patients to have difficulty with learning and processing. Vision therapy is often the answer to these types of obstacles. Under supervision, eye exercises are performed and after a time period will improve the brain and eye connection. 
  • Frames and lenses - Children are often a challenge when it comes to choosing the correct type of frame and lenses that will last in the active life of a child. Our eye care specialist will give you advice on the best choices based on your child's activity level and prescription.
  • Often developmental or behavioral troubles can ensue when there is a vision deficit. Dr. Boulet offers a clinic for young ones with vision-related complications.

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Diamond Valley Vision Care wants to be your optometrist in Black Diamond. Our comprehensive eye exam and thorough testing for all eye-related issues will make certain that your child's eye health is the best possible. As children's eye care needs are different than an adult, a pediatric eye doctor is the right choice. To make an appointment, call us today at (403) 933-5552 or you can use our appointment page.

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