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About Our Vision Therapy Services In Black Diamond

At Black Diamond Vision Care, we focus on the special vision needs of our patients, especially our very youngest and our oldest.

Dr. Charles Boulet, the optometrist in Black Diamond, and his dedicated team practice vision therapy and provide a range of vision rehabilitation services, with an emphasis on treating pediatric and senior patients.

Vision therapy serves the needs of eye care patients who might have nearly perfect vision but who are nonetheless experiencing vision problems. That’s because some people of all ages can have a disconnect between the images their eyes capture and the messages the eyes send to the brain.

This can include such conditions as amblyopia, strabismus, oculomotor dysfunction, focusing problems and others that involve challenges processing images in the brain. Let’s take a closer look.

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Some Conditions Treated

Our vision therapist in Black Diamond delivers winning results through a customized course of visual rehabilitation. Each of these is safe and non-invasive exercises and techniques that can treat these imaging problems and improve eyesight.

Here are some of the conditions that our vision therapy and rehabilitation services can successfully treat.

Amblyopia -- You might have never heard of this condition except by its more common name -- lazy eye. When the routes between the eye and the brain don’t connect right, lazy eye can be the result.     

Strabismus -- Perhaps your young child looks at the world with eyes crossed. What they’re experiencing is difficulty aligning both eyes where they want to focus. The condition might affect both or just one eye, and it might happen all the time or just periodically, such as when they’re tired.

Oculomotor dysfunction -- This condition is also known as tracking problems or eye movement dysfunction. It involves the inability to smoothly track an object or to see clearly when the eyes are in motion, such as when reading. You can see the challenge this condition would throw at your child as they learn to read.

Binocular dysfunction -- When your child or elderly family member complains of double vision it could be because of problems related to binocular dysfunction. Normally, our two eyes each capture an image of what we see, and then our brains process those images, combining them into one. When this doesn’t happen smoothly, your loved one gets a blurry or double vision.

Focusing problems -- Every time we shift our eyesight, our eyes must refocus. That sounds difficult (even exhausting), but our brains do it so effortlessly that we don’t even notice it’s happening -- usually. But some people have problems and can only do this natural thing with great effort.

Consult an Optometrist And Vision Therapist In Black Diamond

These conditions sound complex and serious, don’t they? They are, but optometrists and vision therapists have learned techniques for treating these rather common disorders.

At Black Diamond Vision Care, we have significant experience successfully treating patients with various vision disorders. We’ll start off with a comprehensive vision exam so we can get a better idea of the problems challenging your child or senior family member. Then we’ll make sure you understand the therapies we propose and the level of visual improvement we expect.

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